Post Trial Access
for more patients

Because once you get better you have the right to remain better​

Did you know that many Clinical trials still do not provide Post Trial access after your participation in the study? Well we’ve learned it the hard way and now we want to change it.

Rosenbaum Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides Post Trial access to patients participating in Clinical Trial and are in need of an additional therapy​

Our projects

Based on a Italian NGO model and thanks to the support of the industry leaders we create observational protocols with the Post Trial access for the patients in need. This depend solely from the gathered funds. ​

Those who believed in us​

Since we are starting organization and our reach is limited, we focus on Oncology and CNS at the moment with the focus on Europe Region. Thanks to your support we can grow and support more patients that are in need of the Post Trial access.

In order to get, ​
you have to give